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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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at&t. new kroefr in the shooting death of florida teenager, trayvon -- controversy in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the shooter did not appear to be hurt. zimmerman's brother is speaking out in his defense. >> reporter: two people are now speaking out about the trayvon martin shooting. george zimmerman's brother, robert, and an eyewitness who talked to cnn and claims to have been watching when the gunshot went off. >> were both people on the ground as well? >> yes. >> and one was still on top of the other if >> yes. >> reporter: the eyewitness said it started with loud voices before turning into a scuffle, then a gunshot. >> it was dark. after the shot, obviously
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someone got up, and it was kind of like that period of him -- i can't say he watched him get up, but only within a couple seconds or so, then he was walking toward where i was watching. and i could see him a little bit clearer. and see that it was a hispanic man. >> reporter: the police report says george zimmerman was injured, but the eyewitness tells another story. >> he didn't appear hurt or anything else. he just seemed very, you know, i can't speak for him, but very worried or whatever. walked, like, on the sidewalk at that point. and put his hand up to his forehead. >> reporter: george zimmerman's brother, robert, has a different account. >> pulled out a gun and shot him. it's absolutely not fact. it is not what happen ed. >> he did pull out a gun and shoot him, right? >> well, he stopped someone from disarming him and shooting him. george told us this was the truth. this fantasy, or this mythology that he chased a person is just absolutely false.
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he didn't chase anyone. >> reporter: two more accounts of this terrible incident that we cannot independently confirm. >> and the morfission who prepared -- mortician who prepared martin's body is speaking out. he says he found no evidence of an attack as he got martin ready for burial. >> in preparing his body, his hands, and dressing him, i did not see any evidence that he had been in such a fight. we were not looking for those clues, but when you take a person, embalm a person, dress a person and place him in a casket, you cannot miss cuts and bruises on the hand. the hand is a part that is viewable. >> zimmerman has not been arrested nor charged, and he maintains that he was attacked by martin. a special prosecutor appointed by florida's governor is investigating the case along with state and federal
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authority. a look outside on satellite and radar. we're seeing mostly cloudy skies through the bay area. a couple light showers well up to the north. a wider viewer picture, you can see a lot more rain sitting well to the north of us. this has been fairly stationary out there today. the tail end of the system. of it's moving in late tomorrow and this saturday. tomorrow afternoon, cloudy and mild. temperatures in the 60s for the most part. tell be 57 along the coast in half moon bay. 62 in oakland, 65 in concord. 70 in sunnyvale. 68 down in san jose . that rain again approaching for friday night into saturday morning. here's a look at futurecast. this is the main band of rain moving in early saturday. by 8:00 in the morning, moderate rain in full-swing over the north bay, moving into san francisco as well. of the 9:00 hour, this storm is already in the delta.
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oakland and hayward area, along the peninsula, heavy rain. by 10:00, that pushes into our inland valleys. and by 11:00, the rain is starting to wrap up. into the afternoon, we will see mostly clear conditions although a few pop-up thunderstorms are certainly possible. futurecast put the possibility into the north bay in the 2:00 hour through the 4:00 hour. be prepared for that possibility into saturday afternoon. snow in the sierra tomorrow, it's going to remain largely dry. temperatures pretty mild. 55 degrees. into saturday, that storm is going to impact the sierra with 3-6 inches of snow. and temperatures dropping off into sunday as well. back in the 30s with a 20% chance of lingers snow showers.
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your extended forecast, tomorrow mainly dry. temperatures in the 60s for the most part. chance of rain later in the evening for the north bay, mainly. and that is going to rush on through the area for saturday morning. gusty winds accompanying that storm. it'll be breezy out there tomorrow in front of the storm. possibility of thunderstorms into saturday evening. but calmer and warmer conditions into sunday and the rest of next week. a battle between two of the best in the west. the lakers host the oklahoma city thunder. gary has highlights and with just four games left, the sharks are fighting for their playoff lives . highlights of tonight's crucial match-up with phoenix.
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with four games remaining, are the sharks tonight seated 9th place out of the postseason. todd mclellan could be a real
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battered performer in another week. the phoenix coyotes take a 1-nothing lead. and in the second period, here they come again. niemi pretty good tonight. but the phoenix coyotes want the playoffs just as bad as the sharks. mike smith shuts out the sharks for the third time this season. in two games that the sharks needed to win. they score only one game. of the coyotes leap frog the sharks, moving to fourth place. both the clubs, same position as the sharks, battling for the postseason. so it's going to be a lot of fun. but the sharks a little wobbly tonight. a big nab deal this evening -- nba deal this evening. garrett fisher back in los angeles for the first time since they unloaded him. and he's back with the thunder.
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here we go. kobe bryant, lakers started out great. then it didn't work. 25-shot, bryant scored 23 points. and rustle west brook was the -- russemwest -- the oklahoma city thunder, young and doing their business. these are high times for stanford basketball. at the mit tournament, hello, dick davy. former bronco coach in santa clara. now a stanford assistant, finishing up a 44 year career tonight. jhonny dawkins' club was not selected for the top 68, they go to the second tier tournament and just turp out the lights. -- turn out the lights.
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75-51. it is a national title, their third. stanford women on their way to sunday's final four. trying to stop 6'8" brittany griener. the most dominating player. this young lady inside, nobody of her size has ever played that well. here it is. 20 years ago, van der mere title. ? it's not just ho-hum , here goes another final four. it's wow! i told her team this story. but when we first went to the final four in 1990, i didn't even think anything could top the feeling of going. and then i told our team how special it is, and it's really, like, an amazing accomplishment. and
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we're really proud. 6:00, sunday night, stanford and baylor. the as home after splitting two regular season games in japan. and here's the big argument. these young girls who sell beer. i thought it was a little too much. my friends say, hey, they're young, let them start drinking early. so here we go. just a tremendous outpouring of hate from our audience who says, hey, it's only beer. josh reddick hit win, and jean gomes hit one. they'll play a regular season game a week from tomorrow. here comes women's tennis complete with grunting. >> all right, theres.
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-- that's in a tournament in florida. he will play in the finals.
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